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About Irine

Irine is based in Massachusetts. 
Irine has been an empath all her life.  She is also clairaudient and clairvoyant.  Trained in the 80s in nutrition and practiced in the field, but knew it was not her calling, it was Spirit's way to expand her knowledge base as a healthcare taker and to lead her to care for the sick and dying with her natural heightened intuitive abilties as an empath......and yes she does still have a passion for food and cooking, but not as much as her love for her spiritual angelic guidance reading work to help guide people during times they need life direcitons, and her mediumship reading work to help people reconnect with their deceased loved ones.

She was also trained as an Angel Therapy Practitioner(R) in 2003
and an Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner(R) in 2004, as well as a Reconnective Healing Practitioner(R) in 2004

Credentials and titles are never as important as
how genuine she is as a person, an inutuitive reader and spiritual worker. 
People know her as sincere, genuine, down-to-heart and truthful. 
Her readings are delightful, insightful and uplifting.